Format: dataset, sample period, sample size, dimension, key feature. ##China

  • Urban Household Survey (UHS) [Restricted Access]
  • Census [Restricted Access]
  • Chinese Household Income Project (CHIP)
  • China Family Panel Studies (CFPS)


  • Current Population Survey (CPS), 1962-present, 60k households in ASEC, repeated cross-sections with a 4-8-4 short panel dimension
  • American Time Use Survey (ATUS)
  • Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP)
  • National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth (NLSY)
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX), 1980-present, 15k households, rotating short panel, consumption data
  • Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF), 1983-present every 3 years, 4k families, repeated cross-sections, wealth data oversampling the rich
  • Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) 1968-present every 2 years since 1997, 3k families, longtitudinal

##Other Countries

  • Korean Labor and Income Panel Study (KLIPS)