2021, 2020

I am grateful to the discussants (listed when applicable) for reading my papers and offering constructive feedback.


  • Peking University, Guanghua School of Management, Virtual, 7/24/2021.

  • China Meeting of the Econometric Society, Virtual, 7/3/2021.

  • NIPFP-IIPF Conference on Public Finance, Virtual, 6/30/2021. Discussion by Egor Malkov.

  • 2nd Oxford NuCamp PhD Workshop, Virtual, 6/15/2021. Discussion by Michael Simmons and Edouard Schaal.

  • Barcelona GSE Summer Forum on the Macroeconomics of Labor Markets, Virtual, 6/15/2021.

  • North American Summer Meeting of the Econometric Society—“Spatial Distribution of Labor”, Virtual, 6/10/2021.

  • Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) 73rd Annual Meeting, Virtual, 6/7/2021.

  • Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research (ABFER) 8th Annual Conference, Virtual, 6/2/2021.

  • 3rd QMUL PhD Workshop (Queen Mary University of London), Virtual, 5/28/2021. Discussion by Vytautas Valaitis.

  • Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference (London Business School), Virtual, 5/21/2021. Discussion by Michele Andreolli.

  • Society of Labor Economists (SOLE)—“Unemployment Dynamics and Labor Market Policies”, Virtual, 5/14/2021.

  • Inaugural China Research Group Doctoral Symposium (USC Marshall), Virtual, 4/23/2021. Discussion by Yiqing Xu.

  • Guest Lecture for Topics in Empirical Macroeconomics (University of Pennsylvania), Virtual, 4/1/2021.


  • The Chinese Economy: Past, Present and Future (Tsinghua University), Virtual, 12/19/2020.

  • 15th Economics Graduate Student Conference (Washington University in St. Louis), Virtual, 11/7/2020.

  • China Labor Economists Forum (CLEF), Virtual, 9/26/2020.

  • Chinese Economists Society (CES) North America Conference, Virtual, 8/15/2020.

  • Guanghua Economics and Finance Alumni Symposium (Peking University), Virtual, 7/11/2020.

  • Macroeconomics of Inequality (University of Bonn), Virtual, 6/25/2020.

  • Knee Center for the Study of Occupational Regulation (CSOR) Conference, Virtual, ​5/30/2020.