“Labor, Firms, and Macro” Reading Group

I am organizing a virtual reading group/workshop on “Labor, Firms, and Macro” broadly defined. The format alternates between a reading group where a participant presents a published paper (an archive can be found here) and a workshop where an invited speaker presents a working paper (the schedule can be found here). Please contact me if you are interested in participating.

Current Teaching


Past Teaching

  • Guest Lecture for Topics in Empirical Macroeconomics (for Professor Iourii Manovskii), Spring 2022, Penn.

    • Models of Labor Market Monopsony [Slides]
  • Economics Ph.D. Math Camp, Instructor, Summer 2020-2021, Penn.

  • Graduate Microeconomic Theory, Recitation Instructor, Fall 2018, Penn.

    • ECON 701A Decision Theory (for Professor Steven Matthews) [Recitation Notes]
    • ECON 701B General Equilibrium (for Professor Andrew Postlewaite) [Recitation Notes] ​​
  • Graduate Game Theory, Recitation Instructor (for Professor Xi Weng), Spring 2017, PKU. [Recitation Notes]